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Im not jealous *tear*

Ok, forgot to post this earlier in the year. What follows is an actual text conversation between Lynn and may all want to be sitting down before you read this:

InstantKarma1st: What do you all have planned for Halloweenie?

Lbailey381: I'm going to a party at a friend/co-worker/friend's gf's house.

InstantKarma1st: Do you plan on getting drunk again?

Lbailey381: LOL, it's very likely.

InstantKarma1st: Are you becoming an alcoholic Lynn? Do I need to call Dr. Phil ?

Lbailey381: What? Again?!? I'll be on there for the driving thing, and then on there for DRINKING and driving!

InstantKarma1st: exactly!

InstantKarma1st: And then for drinking and seducing your friend Fred.....Bobbie and I think you two are lovers

InstantKarma1st: Ok, just I think that

InstantKarma1st: But Bobbie didnt disagree

Lbailey381: Well he is one sexy bitch... and he played football in H.S., so that's always a turn-on.

InstantKarma1st: Well now I know
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